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"3PP™ Custom Engineered Pellet line is the worlds first cornhole fill designed specifically for the rapidly growing corn hole industry."
- Darren,
President CEO

We began playing cornhole down the hallway of our McDunnough, Inc. office as a stress reliever for our day to day workload. A potential customer came in and asked if we could provide him with plastic fill for his custom corn hole boards and bags. He was so appreciative that he made us some custom bags with our logo on it. We quickly realized that the bags were not optimum for the average cornhole player and we subsequently decided to create a pellet that would suit the particular needs of cornhole players - a pellet better than any other plastic pellet, corn, or fill on the market. We wanted to find a pellet that was weighted well, sized appropriately and could provide optimal performance in a cornhole bag. 

3PP™ created two key products that address the needs of two large sectors of the market - our Hobby Pellet and our Pro Pellet (also known by our trademark, the 3 Point Pellet™). The Hobby and Pro pellets are custom engineered, performance driven, and competitively priced. Perhaps most importantly, however, we are proud to be able to offer these products consistently and reliably. Many of our customers have expressed to us that their greatest difficulty is finding a supplier that can provide them with plastic resin fill of the same top quality and with the same characteristics time and time again - until they found us, that is! 

3 Point Pellet operates closely with our founding company, McDunnough, Inc. With nearly two decades of experience in the Industrial Plastic Recycling Industry, we offer our customers the highest quality of customer service, consistency, and reliability in addition to our top of the line products. 

3PP™ custom engineered pellet line is the worlds first cornhole fill designed specifically for the quickly growing corn hole industry. Previously, most companies would use any available plastic fill, settling for inferior, under-performing and unreliable products. Through our work with the major cornhole bag manufacturers, cornhole leagues, and professional cornhole players, 3PP™ developed our unique and proprietary product lines to meet optimum performance standards and requirements of discerning manufacturers, players and pros. 

Allow us to help you take your cornhole bag products to the next level by filling it with nothing but the best - 3 Point Pellet!

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