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the World's first

custom engineered cornhole bag fill pellet

3 point pellet.png


Through many years of research with players that range from hobbyists to Professionals we have developed the Ultimate Pellet ™ to bring you cutting edge performance for all of your Cornhole bag needs. Our state-of-the-art engineering team has produced a specially formulated pellet to give your bags the perfect weight, feel, pellet distribution and movement. 

Founded by McDunnough, Inc., a leader in the Industrial Plastic Recycling industry for nearly two decades, the 3PP™ team has been dedicated to providing cutting-edge manufacturing and pellet engineering. This dedication has culminated in providing the world’s first pellet engineered specifically for the corn hole industry. Utilizing our connections with professional and tournament players alike, we have developed our fill to ensure that each bag manufactured with the 3 Point Pellet ™ is of the greatest consistency, quality, and durability to provide professional performance.

Our cornhole bag pellet is weatherproof, animal and insect resistant, and washable, ensuring the fill for your bags has the longest life of any fill on the market. Not to mention, our resin is made from recycled plastic. With 3 Point Pellet, you can rest assured knowing that you've made a great choice for your game and  for the planet.

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